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The Crew Advocacy Center – Classifications of Crew Member Sexual Assaults

In the middle of unfortunate circumstances, there are instances where employees are taken advantage of. These should not be disregarded and considered trivial. To establish a culture of respect in the workplace, it is important to call out certain situations, which point to crew member sexual assaults. Here are some examples, which are glaringly telling of such situations:


Unwelcome Crew Member Sexual Assaults

What makes the case up for contention would be how the sexual motives were rendered unwelcome by those who found offence by the crew member sexual assaults. These situations may range from subtle to the most obvious signals, which may include bribing for sexual favors, making comments of sexual nature, suggestive sounds or actions such as sucking gestures or noises, pelvic thrusting or even winking.


If another crew member also repeatedly asks for another person to go out on a date or have sex, and the person being asked finds repeated offense, then this would be within the category of crew member sexual assaults.


Physical Touches and Upfront Leering

Aside from doing offensive actions, some other tangible examples of crew member sexual assaults include giving shoulder massages to a co-worker, talking about a person’s sexuality and making rumors about it, calling another person names such as ‘bitch’, ‘slut’ or ‘whore,’ and ridiculing another person sexually. These are just few of the forms, which related to crew member sexual assaults.

Handling Crew Member Sexual Assaults

Should you experience anything related to the mentioned examples, it is important to tell the authorities about the situation. Better yet, you should consider speaking with a lawyer to further investigate and gather all the facts related to your situation.


Be as thorough as possible in regard to talking about how you have gone through instances of crew member sexual assaults. Being as detailed as possible, without leaving anything out should let your lawyer consider other laws, which were violated by the acts done to you.


The Penalties Involved with Crew Member Sexual Assaults

This is a highly serious matter as it violates a person’s working integrity. In the process of fighting for the case, your lawyer may request for the offending party to face jail time or probation. He or she may even be placed on the sexual offenders’ list of the country.


Crew Member Sexual Assaults are highly serious matters, which is why it is necessary for you to notify an attorney once this takes place. You may also need to go through some medical help due to the trauma, which the situations might have caused you.These classifications of Crew Member Sexual Assaults should be kept in mind, among other possible threats, which you may have gone through at work. Should any unfortunate situation take place, be sure to have your lawyer ready.

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