1. Maritime and Offshore Claims

2. What is the Jones Act ?

3. Who is a seaman under the Jones Act ?

4. What is Maintainance and Cure ?

5. Jones Act Statute of Limitations

6. Legal Damages under the Jones Act

7. Legal Actions for seaman’s surviving family

8. Steps to Recovery for Injured Maritime Worker

9. Cruise Ship Injuries, Assualts & Deaths

10. Jones Act and Commercial Divers

11. Death on the High Seas Act ( DOHSA)

12. Injuries on Towboats, Tugs & Barges

13. Toxic Exposures on Ships

14. Jones Act / Maritime Glossary A – Z

15. Jones Act – Shipping & Maritime Links

16. National Climatic Data Center

17. Jones Act – Maritime Schools & Universities Links

18. CDC – Cruise Ship Passenger & Crew Member Health Resources

19. Congressional Information Bureau Daily Maritime Bulletin

20. Cruise Links and Resources for Passengers

21. Cruise News Weekly

22. Federal Maritime Commission

23. International Council of Cruise Lines

24. International Transport Workers’ Federation

25. Lost At Sea: Investigative report
into harsh conditions seafarers endure

26. MARAD Public Affairs

27. Marine Accident Reporting Scheme

28. Marine Link

29. Marine Transportation System

30. Marine Transportation System National Advisory Council

31. Maritime Administration – US Department of Transportation

32. Maritime Global Net: The International Maritime Industry Web Portal

33. National Transportation Safety Board

34. Seafarer’s Missions- Worldwide

35. The Cruise Channel – Lloyd’s

36. The Marine Society: education, library services, and financial support to professional seafarers

37. “The Other Information” about the Cruise Industry: health issues, marine accident reports, environmental issues, labor issues, and more

38. U.S. Coast Guard

39. U.S. Department of Transportation

40. Vessel Sanitation Program – Cruise Ship Sanitation and Public Health Information

41. World Shipping Directory

42. Admiralty Law Guide


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