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Steps to Recover for an injured Seaman

Steps to Recover for an injured Seaman?


If in case of passenger injured, there are a few very important steps that you must take in order to protect your right to recover under the Jones Act in the future. These are as follows:


1. If injured, immediately report the injury to the appropriate person. Make sure the accident report is COMPLETE. If there was a dangerous condition or problem that caused or contributed to your injury, then state it on the accident report.


2. Get co-workers to write a statement as to what the conditions were at the time of the accident.


3. Obtain statements from witnesses to your accident.


4. Get the names and addresses and phone numbers of all of the co-workers that may become witnesses for you. Trying to obtain these months later, can sometime be a headache.


5. Get medical attention immediately from the doctor of your OWN choosing. Many times the company will try to get you to go to their doctor or clinic and get you immediately back to work. This tactic can not only be dangerous to your health, if you are not well, but also play into their hands that you really weren’t injured anyway. Resist a doctor of their choosing.! Rather find one who has treated other injured friends or co-workers and who understands the physical requirements of your job.

6. Select an attorney who understands the JONES ACT. Many attorneys advertise and represent that they do Jones Act and Maritime injury cases, when in fact, most of these attorneys don’t know even know what the Jones Act is, how it applies, or what to do to protect their client’s rights under the law.




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