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Cruiseship injuries, assaults or deaths

Cruiseship injuries, assaults or deaths?


Cruise ships are becoming an increasingly popular method of vacationing for many Americans. Unfortunately many find themselves a helpless victim of a sexual assault. Often times these rapes occur in the passengers assigned room with the use of a pass key, in the walkways, inner corridors, and restrooms . Those who are injured may find themselves confronted with a thicket of legal hurdles which may prevent them from receiving any relief for the harm that has been suffered.
Monetary recovery against the cruise line it often governed by numerous legal hurdles and documents including but not limited to:


1. Cruise Ticket;2. Contract of Carriage;
3. Itinerary for Travel;
4. Contract of Motorcar, Carriage, and Transportation Contract;
5. Shortened Statute of Limitations for Filing a Claim;
6. Forum selection clause ( the place the suit MUST be brought );
ie. Miami, Houston, Jamaica, Isle of Congo……etc;
7. Full and Complete Documentation of the event and injury;
8. Prompt written Notice of the claim as soon after the event as possible
9. Names of Witnesses to the accident :
10. Does the Jones Act or General Maritime laws apply ? AND
10. A TIMELY FILED CLAIM OR SUIT against the correct entities in the proper venue.


While not every harm or injury on a cruise ship requires the assistance of a lawyer, claims concerning serious permanent injuries, sexual assaults (rape) and deaths need the immediate attention of a lawyer skilled in the area of maritime personal injuries. Many of the cases against the cruiseline industry involve complex maritime legal issues, contract law, products liability and general negligence issues.

Cruise ship operators and their insurance carriers aggressively investigate and defend any claims brought against them. The injured should be well advised to retain a lawyer to represent their own interests soon after the event, so as to allow time to adequately investigate the event and interview potential witnesses.


If you have been assaulted or suffered a serious personal injury while you were a passenger on a cruise ship, then you may have a legal claim for monetary damages against the owners and operators of the cruise ship and others. You must however act quickly.




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