Maritime Law Attorney – Vessel Arrests By Crewadvocacy

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vesselShips may be arrested to obtain payment for first preferred ship’s mortgages, crew wages, dockage, ship repair charges, ship’s chandlers bills, and other vessel expenses. In some instances, ships can be arrested to enforce non-maritime claims if the vessel owner cannot be found within State.

Crewmember Advocacy Center can arrest vessels in ports throughout Florida, and through our corresponding counsel, in other U.S. ports and the Panama Canal.

Prior to commencing an arrest proceeding, the United States Marshal requires the deposit of sufficient funds to hold the vessel under arrest for a period of ten days. Crewmember Advocacy has a continuing relationship with substitute custodians who are ready to take possession of a vessel from the United States Marshal immediately after the arrest. If it is anticipated that the vessel will be under arrest more than three days, we generally recommend that the vessel be moved to low cost dock space.