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Crewmember & Maritime Advocacy Center and its predecessors are California cruise ship attorneys serving the maritime community. The Admiralty and Maritime Law group handles matters related to commercial and recreational vessels. Including vessel arrests and attachments, commercial disputes relating to charters, contracts, marine insurance, and claims. We handle claims under the Jones Act and Long-shore and Harbor Worker’s Act. Services include personal injury, maritime claims, collisions, crew member accidents, wage disputes, sexual assaults. We also handle shipboard medical claims, passenger claims and maritime liens


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California Cruise Ship Attorneys Blog

Below are “California Cruise Ship Attorneys” articles written by customers, our staff, and bloggers. Because of the ever changing laws and region specific regulations, these articles are here for your enjoyment. This firm is not responsible for incorrect or outdated content in the articles below. For accurate information on your case, please call us directly.

California cruise ship attorneys

About California Cruise Ship Attorneys

The California Cruise ship attorneys have a collective experience of over more than three decades. The cruise ship passenger injury attorney and cruise lawyer understand their customers and the various cruise ship claims. They also understand the defense that they are likely to face. Having high qualification and expertise in different law sets, California Cruise ship attorneys stands apart when it comes to proceeding in the right way. Different areas have different laws. These legal California Cruise ship attorneys write about different cases and create blogs. They also speak about them at legal symposiums across the United States. Along with writing and lecturing about the cruise attorney, they also boast lots of legal decisions. This has been continuing over the past three decades and these California cruise ship attorneys are setting an example in the field of cruise law and order.

Since cruise ships are considered to be common carriers, they are obliged to take special care of their passengers and even go beyond special duty if required. They have the rule to provide the highest degree of care and cruise liners must exercise and train themselves to protect their passengers all the way. If the cruise liner fails to live up to this duty, and a passenger is injured as a result, they will be liable for any resulting damages and will have to compensate or pay penalty against that.

If a passenger is injured on board, then a case can be filed against the owner and the compensation can be claimed from the company, the organization chartering the ship, or the company who has sold the tickets.  Along with this, if the injury is caused by any other third party, the victim will also be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against that particular individual or entity.

The California cruise ship attorneys come into the role here. They take care of the injured passenger and help them get justice against their loss.

Some of the major types of injury claims include:

  • Slip and falls
  • Falling overboard
  • Injuries from fires on the cruise ship
  • Nor virus infection or other illnesses from contaminated food or unsanitary conditions
  • Pool or water slide accidents
  • Injuries sustained during on-shore excursions
  • Injuries sustained during recreational activities aboard the ship
  • Dock accidents
  • Falling object accidents
  • Injuries resulting from navigational errors
  • Medical malpractice or medical negligence
  • Sexual assault or physical assault because of unsecured or unsafe premises


Whenever there is a case of cruise injury, the person who are victims of violent attacks like ship rapes can claim injury rights for the incident. These cruise re liable to provide high security to its passengers. The crew members are required to follow certain guidelines that are recognized by both the cruise and the security industries. The basic guidelines include:

  • Monitor activities of crew members and others aboard the ship
  • Install security cameras
  • Run background checks on applicants
  • Employ an adequate security staff-to-passenger ratio
  • Light public areas
  • When a cruise liner fails to uphold its duty of care to protect passengers from assault and rape, the company may be liable for the victim’s damages.


There are several restrictions when it comes to travelling in a cruise. Even though it is convenient and cheap, but the passenger needs to follow basic guidelines, and should not cross the restrictions. The tickets contains all these guidelines written on them regarding the terms and safety. It’s the duty of the passenger to read all of them before boarding.

Protecting the Rights and Restoring the Lives of Cruise Ship Injury & Accident Victims

Protecting Rights and Restoring Lives is considered to be a mission statement. In order to properly execute the entire procedure, these California cruise ship attorneys spend a certain amount of time with their clients to understand and get an idea about how the accident happened and how the injury impacted their lives. This is done to represent the right point of view. Understanding the clients also helps in proper representation of the case in the court. The California cruise ship attorneys do not mind taking the time to find out and clear your concerns and doubts. They are always there to provide you with advice and guidance. Thus you can feel comfortable throughout the litigation process and get justice for your loss.

California cruise ship attorneys are referred to a group of lawyers who represent people who are injured or harmed due to the negligence of cruise lines. Lack of proper safety and security often causes people to become the victim of various accidents. So if you have already become a victim of these cruise injuries, don’t let this happen to you again. Secure yourself and represent your case, with the help of these California Cruise ship attorneys.

If you have ever suffered from such cases, don’t be a victim twice. Hire experienced, accomplished and trustworthy attorneys to protect your rights. Hold the cruise line financially, who is responsible for your injuries. You can hire certified California Cruise ship attorneys who will be able to fight for you.