Conditions of Crewmember Wage Disputes


Every vessel used in navigating the water of this state or constructed in this state is liable and subject to a lien:

(1) For wages due to shipboard workers, for work done or services
rendered on board such boat or vessel.
(2) For all debts due to persons by virtue of a contract, expressed or implied, with the owners of a boat or vessel, or with the agents, contractors or subcontractors of such owner, or with any person having them employed to construct, repair or launch such boat or vessel, on account of labor done or materials furnished by mechanics, tradesmen or others in the building, repairing, fitting and furnishing or equipping such boat or vessel, or on account of stores and supplies furnished for the use thereof, or on account of premiums for insurance placed on or with respect to such boat or vessel, or on account of launchways constructed for the launching of such boat or vessel.
(3) For all sums for wharfage, anchorage or towage of such boat or vessel within this state.
(4) For all demands or damages accruing from the nonperformance or malperformance of any contract of affreightment, or of any contract touching the transportation of persons or property, entered into by the master, owner, agent or consignee of the boat or vessel on which such contract is to be performed, and for damages or injuries done to persons or property, by such boat or vessel, and for damages or injuries by such boat or vessel resulting in the death of any person.


Why Should You Hire Wage Dispute Attorneys


If you think you have been paid less than the required amount, denied overtime or even misclassified as a work, you might be able to get back wages through a legal wage dispute. An experienced crew member wage dispute attorney can assist in you in understanding the applicable laws in your case and initiate the legal actions necessary to fight for your rights. Here are more reasons why hiring an attorney for your crew member wage disputes makes sense.


By examining your unique case, a crew member dispute attorney can immediately know which employment laws are being violated. If you were to take the wage dispute claim to your superiors, chances are that you can be intimidated to drop the case or lose your job. However, when you allow a professional crew member wage dispute attorney to represent you, there is a much better chance of being successful.


Choosing an experienced crew member wage dispute attorney means that it is likely that they have handled similar cases in the past. They are able to easily determine whether the actions of an employer are really illegal and provide advice on whether or not to pursue the lawsuit. This extensive experience gained from dealing with numerous wage disputes means that your case will be successfully represented so that you get the right compensation that you deserve.


At the core of the service provided by a crew member wage dispute attorney is basically educating the clients on their rights. Most crew members usually do not have a good idea of the limit of the powers of their employers. However, by consulting with a reputable attorney, you can get to learn more about your rights and therefore, protect yourself from being misused in any way by your employer. Contacting your attorney can mean the difference between a successful recovery of lost money and time, and never receiving any compensation.


Finding the Right Crew Member Wage Dispute Attorney


There are several ways to get a qualified attorney to handle your crew member wage dispute. Referrals from family, friends or other lawyers can be a great start. You can also check online for the local crew member wage dispute attorney in your area.


When searching for a crew member wage dispute attorney, focus on the attorney’s skill-level, experience, and knowledge before looking at the free structure. This way you will end up getting real value from your interaction with the lawyer. Furthermore, the attorney should be up to date with all the various labor regulations and laws. When it comes to the fee arrangement, ensure you understand clearly what you are paying for.