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Disney Wonder Crew Reportedly Tested Positive For COVID-19

Disney Wonder Crew Reportedly Tested Positive For COVID-19

Crew members employed on the Disney Wonder reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, according to several employees on the ship who wish to remain anonymous. Yesterday around 6:30 P.M. the captain of the Disney Wonder announced…


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!!Dear Hardworking Crew Members from Around the World!!

Today, we stand ready to confront and hold responsible all cruise lines who have placed profits or their own survival ahead of the ahead of the safety and well-being of their crew and their families.

For 25 years the Crewmember & Maritime Advocacy Center (“CMAC”) has been fighting to protect the rights of crew members who are injured or killed due to the negligence of their employers and has recovered close to a billion dollars for the hard working crew and their families.

If you, a loved one or a friend you know happens to be aboard a cruise ship during these unprecedented times, you still have rights to a safe work environment and to receive prompt and adequate medical treatment.

Guaranteed by either a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), employment contract or under maritime law.

The Miami Herald reports there are 14 crew members aboard the Oasis of the Seas who have tested positive for the virus and remain in isolation aboard the vessel while others whose contracts have expired remain on board without being paid.

While the cruise lines continue to repeat their press media talking points that “the health and well-being of our crew is our foremost priority”, the facts demonstrate that the cruise lines have once again paced the safety and lives of their crew at the bottom of their priorities.

So, if either you, a loved one or a friend you know is still aboard a cruise ship and their health and safety is or has been placed in danger by working or living conditions aboard a cruise ship.

Make sure to tell them to record all these shipboard conditions and either call us at CMAC at (305) 374-9099 or email which stands ready 24 hours, seven days a week to answer any questions you may have.

Our prayers go out for the safe return of all crew members and may God continue to protect them and their families.

Selim Topbaşı

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Their team is working very good ..they are paying attention for every single details they are responding your calls or mails fast timely manner.. and at the end they taking a very good result..Just let them know guys ..they ll take care of everything they are soo super
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At Crewmember & Maritime Advocacy Center P.A :

We remain committed to holding any cruise line responsible which has once again chosen to place profits over crewmember’s safety.

Three weeks after the passenger cruise line operators suspended operations, the Miami coastline looks like a Walmart parking lot lined with anchored cruise ships laid up from service.

Aboard these floating behemoths are nearly 60,000.00 crew member who remain in limbo either because they have tested positive for Covid 19 and cannot be repatriated and others because their home countries remain closed to all forms of travel.

The ITF reports there are 1.6 million seafarers working aboard 70,000 vessels worldwide. Sadly, each day more deaths of crewmembers aboard are being reported and these numbers are expected to continue to rise.

Our office has been flooded with online inquiries from crewmembers asking what can they do to remain safe from being exposed to the virus, what are their salary payment rights while they remain onboard and when can they be signed off and repatriated.

We are advising our clients to remain vigilant and report to our office any deficiencies or unsafe practices with regards to exposure prevention and spreading of the virus aboard the cruise ships. If you see something, say something and take pictures of what you see.

While the onset of the virus is not the cruise lines fault, the cruise lines bare responsibility for the negligent exposure and spreading of the disease aboard their vessels.

If you feel you or a colleague has been negligently exposed to contracting Covid 19 or have been denied prompt and adequate medical care aboard the vessels.

Contact our office at CMAC at (305) 374-9099 or email which stands ready 24 hours, seven days a week to answer any questions you may have.

In the meantime, remain safe and we will be praying for your safe return home.

Julio J. Ayala, Esq.

Covid 19

Crew members employed on the Disney Wonder reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, according to several employees on the ship who wish to remain anonymous.

Yesterday around 6:30 P.M. the captain of the Disney Wonder announced over the ship’s intercom that 38 crew members on the cruise ship are positive for the virus.

Previously, the Disney Wonder sailed from New Orleans to the Port of San Diego, arriving on March 19th, where the passengers all disembarked. According to a local news station in San Diego, none of the 1,980 passengers or crew members, except for one crew member who had influenza, showed COVID-19 symptoms at the time.

Passengers disembarked after health screenings and were given recommendations to self-quarantine for 14 days, according to the medical director of the San Diego County’s epidemiology department, Dr. Eric McDonald. It was during this time at their respective homes that multiple passengers reported testing positive, Disney Cruise Line told the local media in San Diego.

Crew Members on Disney Wonder Reportedly Test Positive for COVID-19

By the end of March one passenger and one crew member had both tested positive for COVID-19. The Port of San Diego later confirmed that multiple passengers and two crew members had tested positive. Another local newspaper reported that one crew member had been taken ashore for emergency medical treatment due to COVID-19.

Dr. McDonald was quoted as saying a week ago that several of the ships crew, who remain aboard, have required medical attention for suspected COVID infections.

According to crew members on the Disney Wonder, five crew members with COVID-19 have been sent to shore-side hospitals for medical treatment.

I first mentioned coronavirus on the Disney Wonder on March 28th when I posted a article from a local NBC station in San Diego.  All of the crew members who subsequently contacted me complain that they are under strict instructions from Disney not to speak to the media or post information like this on social media.