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Crew Advocacy Center – Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys – When Do You Need Them?

Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys – When Do You Need Them?


Enjoying vacations on a cruise ship has now become a very famous choice for several people. If you are interested in enjoying such experience, you may have already thought that a cruise ship is generally safe and that there would be no criminal activities that will happen on board. However, keep in mind that there is still minimal policing on these cruise ships. At the same time, the environment is a whole lot different compared to the ones on land. At times, the events may need the services of cruise ship accident attorneys.


The Services They Offer

Even though we can consider, in general, that these cruise vacations are among the safest types of experience, accidents, as well as other incidents that result in any harm may still happen, most particularly now that these bigger ships have been designed to transport more than several thousands of passengers. These cruise lines may actually be held liable, depending on the specific type of scenario where harm may occur to their passenger. Aside from these liabilities which may be acted upon their passengers, cruise ship accident attorneys can also help to assist crew members who experience any unlikely event while on board these cruise ships.

If you take a vacation on a cruise ship, it is very important to understand your rights, especially if you are victimized or injured while you are on vacation. As such, if you suffer a specific type of injury while you are on board, it is very important to immediately search for legal assistance with the help of cruise ship accident attorneys. They can assist you in obtaining compensation for the incurred injury. On top of that, any injured crew member may also claim for eligibility for compensation right after an accident or any incident while working on the ship.

A crew member should be able to show evidence on the negligence on the part of the crew management which has resulted to the injury. For instance, there should be enough details provided which will prove the failure of the company to perform the needed acts in order to prevent injury, and thus offering a ship that is not ‘seaworthy’. At the same time, a cruise line may also be discovered as negligent due to its inadequate maintenance. All of these can be investigated through the help of cruise ship accident attorneys.


Experienced cruise ship accident attorneys will help in evaluating the facts of the case, determining whether a lawsuit is needed to be filed against the cruise line. They will help in protecting your rights by means of efficiently mitigating the strategies employed by other insurance company lawyers.

Crew Advocacy Center – Maritime Personal Injury Lawyers: In Your Moment of Need

Maritime Personal Injury Lawyers: In Your Moment of Need


If you are injured, it is very important to make sure that you act as soon as possible. Your bills will continue to mount, and that means that you need to make sure that you are ready to have access to your money as well as find ways to help you pay the bills while you are recovering. When it comes to being happy and healthy, there is nothing that is more important than finding ways to get the assistance of maritime personal injury lawyers who will help you to get settled and also to cover your injuries while you are hurt.


How Should I Choose Maritime Personal Injury Lawyers?


Your key to success is going to be making sure that you choose the best possible lawyers out there with a proven track record who are able to take on personal cases that are against large companies. Whether you realize it or not, there are many issues with not having access to the best options and that means that you will be leaving money on the table and could eventually succumb to your injuries if you do not have the assistance that you need with being able to get help at the moment that you need it. You want to look at the maritime personal injury lawyers experience to make sure that they have worked in your areas of need. What that means is you will be able to have access to many new options that will ensure that you are able to recover when necessary.


How do I Do My Homework on Maritime Personal Injury Lawyers?


When you are choosing maritime personal injury lawyers, you want to make sure that you are able to work with a lawyer who has a great track record. You want to take the necessary time and to learn about all of the options that are out there for you. You will want to plan to do your homework and see the way that the group of lawyers has been reported on in the past. What that means is that you will be able to have access to many options that will help you with the process of making a great decision when you are choosing maritime personal injury lawyers.


The most important thing that you need to realize is that this lawyer is going to be your partner in the long term battle for recovery in your case of personal injury. You must also realize that there is a significant difference in this kind of case and other kinds of personal recovery and for that reason you want to make sure that you are always able to have access to the best solutions that will assist you in the process of learning and also with the process of finding the best solutions. When you have access to the best options, you will increase your chances of recovery. Make sure that you do your homework when choosing maritime personal injury lawyers.

Crew Advocacy Center – Maritime Personal Injury Lawyers: Working with the Best

Maritime Personal Injury Lawyers: Working with the Best


If you have been involved in a mishap that resulted into an injury while you are in a ship or boat, working with maritime personal injury lawyers is highly-recommended. These legal professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to defend your case and can promise a favorable outcome. Whether you are a worker in a cargo ship or a passenger in a cruise liner, these lawyers can help in instances wherein legal assistance is sought. However, keep in mind that they are not all the same. With this, you should exert effort in trying to differentiate one from the other to increase the likelihood of making a well-informed decision.


Do Your Online Research


A good starting point in your search for maritime personal injury lawyers would be online. Take a look at websites that contain a directory of lawyers in your area. You should also check the individual websites of the lawyers or law firms. Look for discussion forums and online reviews, which will make it easier to weigh the choices that you will be confronted with. Make sure to research everything that you need to know about the lawyer, including biographical information and educational background.


Ask for References


You can also consider asking the maritime personal injury lawyers a list of the clients that they have served in the past. You can get in touch with these people and learn from their experiences. Ask them about the experience of working with each other, including how the lawyer treats his or her clients.


Check the Rates


You should also check the rates offered by maritime personal injury lawyers. There are some who might charge on a per hour basis while there are also some who might have flat fees. More often than not, however, they will charge on a contingency basis. They will take out a portion of the financial settlement for the case if in case the outcome is favorable. On the other hand, if you end up losing the case, this means that they do not take out any amount. This can be an excellent choice as you can be sure that the lawyer will be more committed towards winning the case.


Ask Relevant Questions


Before you get settled with a decision, it is also important that you find time to personally talk to the maritime personal injury lawyers. This will be an opportunity to ask them questions and to assess what would be your working relationship. More often than not, they will offer free consultation, which will give you the chance to evaluate the skills of the lawyer. Ask questions, such as how the lawyer plans to approach the case.


Involve Others


Lastly, it is also important that you involve other people, such as family and friends. They can help you in carrying out an intelligent evaluation to make the right choice. Their opinions would matter, especially if they have already experienced working with maritime personal injury lawyers in the past.


The Crewmember Advocacy Center – Vessel Arrests – What You Need to Know

Vessel Arrests – What You Need to Know


Vessel arrests are often considered as part of a process in which a particular Admiralty Court achieves jurisdiction over a certain subject matter, especially regarding law suits. These types of lawsuits are often called “in rem” which means that the specific action impacts a thing, instead of a person.


In general, the vessel, in itself, is the one that is responsible for paying the mortgages, liens as well as other potential maritime lien, which may arise. As the owner works on a vessel using a first preferred ship’s mortgage, the ship is the one, which guarantees the payment instead of the owner. On the other hand, the owner also has the choice to engage in a separate contract with a promise to pay, as well as with the use of other guarantee types in order to be liable personally.


Other Features of Vessel arrests


Vessel arrests are required as prerequisite in order for a court to establish the necessary jurisdiction. In line with this, if it is impossible for a vessel to be seized, then the court may end up having no right on the vessel. Therefore, vessel arrests may also refer to the actual process in which a marshal from the country being represented goes on board the vessel, and taking charge of it physically.


In order to perform vessel arrests, it is important that the arrest notice should be posted right on the vessel. At the same time, a copy should be provided to the person, or master in charge, and, of course, the owner. Also, such notice should also be published in a specific newspaper, especially one that has been assigned to publish similar legal notices. The actual notice for the vessel arrests should be provided to all of the other holders of lien who are claiming interest on the vessel.


Upon seizure, the court can keep the vessel in possession, through the service of the marshal or a substitute custodian. In order to avoid this kind of situation, as well as the possible effect towards commerce, most often, the court can allow the owner to possibly post a bond, as well as other related form of security. After accepting such security, the vessel may now be returned towards the owner, continuing the litigation along with the security, acting as the subject for the judgment execution.


After the marshal completes the vessel arrests, he is now obligated to keep and preserve, not just the vessel, but also all of its equipment. At this point, the seized vessel’s custodian need not interfere with the operation unless it has been directed under court order. At the same time, unless the plaintiff and claimant work in acting in bad faith, the vessel owner may no longer be able to recover any damage as a result of the arrest or loss of profits.

The Crewmember Advocacy Center – What You Need to Know About Vessel Arrest

What You Need to Know About Vessel Arrest


Maritime law is different from state and Federal law. Any proceedings involving a vessel should be taken to a Maritime/Admiralty court instead of a regular state court. Maritime law essentially trumps state law, especially where there are specific provisions regarding a certain situation. Vessel arrest is usually needed to bring a vessel, which is the subject of an investigation under the jurisdiction of a Maritime court. Without seizing the vessel through the procedure of a vessel arrest, the court does not have any jurisdiction on the vessel in question and cannot make any judgments on the same.


Below we will look at some of the main aspects of vessel arrest.


When can a Vessel Arrest be Carried Out?


A sea-going vessel is usually responsible for all maritime liens placed upon it. Since a vessel arrest is an action against the vessel itself and not the owner, except where the owner has officially applied to held personally responsible for the ship’s liens, this action is said to be “in rem” i.e. against a thing and not a person. Liens on a vessel can come about through a variety of instances including claims for unpaid wages, personal injury claims and claims by creditors supplying bunker supplies among others. Due to the complexities of Maritime law and the procedure of carrying out a vessel arrest, it is important to retain the services of a qualified Admiralty attorney when seeking this legal action.


Notice of Vessel Arrest


Once an action is introduced in a Maritime court involving a certain vessel, a vessel arrest must be carried out so as to take control and establish jurisdiction over it. This means that a US Marshall goes aboard the vessel and takes control of it physically. Once a vessel arrest has been carried out successfully, a notice must be placed on the ship to the effect that it is under vessel arrest. Copies of the notice should also be circulated to the person in charge of the ship, the owner and any other lien holder on the same subject matter.


Release via Payment of Bond or Security


Once a vessel arrest is carried out, the court takes control of the vessel from the owner. However, to ensure that there is no disruption of business while the court proceedings continue, the owner is free to apply for a bond to release the vessel from the court’s custody.




It is important to note that although the Marshall takes the vessel to storage, they are not charged with the responsibility of insuring it against damage during this period. It is up to the owner or plaintiff to place Port Risk Insurance on the ship while it remains under vessel arrest.




The sale of a vessel placed under vessel arrest can be classified as a judgment sale or an interlocutory sale. The latter refers to a sale before the judgment has been reached; this only occurs where the set conditions are satisfied.

The Crew Advocacy Center – Classifications of Crew Member Sexual Assaults

Classifications of Crew Member Sexual Assaults


In the middle of unfortunate circumstances, there are instances where employees are taken advantage of. These should not be disregarded and considered trivial. To establish a culture of respect in the workplace, it is important to call out certain situations, which point to crew member sexual assaults. Here are some examples, which are glaringly telling of such situations:


Unwelcome Crew Member Sexual Assaults


What makes the case up for contention would be how the sexual motives were rendered unwelcome by those who found offence by the crew member sexual assaults. These situations may range from subtle to the most obvious signals, which may include bribing for sexual favors, making comments of sexual nature, suggestive sounds or actions such as sucking gestures or noises, pelvic thrusting or even winking.


If another crew member also repeatedly asks for another person to go out on a date or have sex, and the person being asked finds repeated offense, then this would be within the category of crew member sexual assaults.


Physical Touches and Upfront Leering


Aside from doing offensive actions, some other tangible examples of crew member sexual assaults include giving shoulder massages to a co-worker, talking about a person’s sexuality and making rumors about it, calling another person names such as ‘bitch’, ‘slut’ or ‘whore,’ and ridiculing another person sexually. These are just few of the forms, which related to crew member sexual assaults.


Handling Crew Member Sexual Assaults


Should you experience anything related to the mentioned examples, it is important to tell the authorities about the situation. Better yet, you should consider speaking with a lawyer to further investigate and gather all the facts related to your situation.


Be as thorough as possible in regard to talking about how you have gone through instances of crew member sexual assaults. Being as detailed as possible, without leaving anything out should let your lawyer consider other laws, which were violated by the acts done to you.


The Penalties Involved with Crew Member Sexual Assaults


This is a highly serious matter as it violates a person’s working integrity. In the process of fighting for the case, your lawyer may request for the offending party to face jail time or probation. He or she may even be placed on the sexual offenders’ list of the country.


Crew Member Sexual Assaults are highly serious matters, which is why it is necessary for you to notify an attorney once this takes place. You may also need to go through some medical help due to the trauma, which the situations might have caused you.


These classifications of Crew Member Sexual Assaults should be kept in mind, among other possible threats, which you may have gone through at work. Should any unfortunate situation take place, be sure to have your lawyer ready.






The Crewmember Advocacy Center – Crew member Sexual Assaults: Dealing with the Unfortunate

Crew member Sexual Assaults: Dealing with the Unfortunate


A cruise should be a relaxing experience, an opportunity to be temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. It is the time where you can just momentarily forget about work or anything that is making you stressed. It is a chance to meet new people, discover new places and invest in immersive experiences. Nonetheless, as unfortunate as it may seem, there are several instances wherein you will find yourself in a situation where you will wish you did not go on a cruise. One of the examples of such would be in the case of crew member sexual assaults. Your cruise holiday can instantly turn into a nightmare because of an indecent act from a crew.


An Alarming Rise in Crew Member Sexual Assaults


It is impossible to have the accurate statistics about the number of crew member sexual assaults that have been reported. This is basically because cruise ships are not obliged to publicize the allegations, especially if they remain mere allegations. Many passengers, once they land, opt to just ignore the idea of filing cases for crew member sexual assaults because this is going to drag them in a controversy, and the process can be lengthy. Generally speaking, however, as it has been previously reported by CNN, sexual assault is the most common crime that is committed by crew members in cruise ships.


In July of 2015, a woman on-board Celebrity Millennium has been harassed by a 40-year old crew member. The victim reported that she was on her way back to her room from the bar when a man suddenly grabbed and started groping her. More so, a 15-year old female passenger of Costa Diaedema has been also allegedly molested by a crew member. These are just some of the cases of crew member sexual assaults that have recently made it in the headlines. Many have been left unreported.


Seek for Legal Help


For people who have suffered from crew member sexual assaults, it is important to speak up and seek help. A victim’s silence would be injustice to many others, especially because it means that the same crime can be committed repeatedly as the perpetrator is not made liable of his heinous acts. To be sure that justice will be served, it is important to work with competent lawyers who can defend your case. When you are fighting with the bigwigs, such as a huge cruise liner, many people would instantly feel discouraged and feel like they are just wasting their time. Nonetheless, as long as you opt to work with skilled and knowledgeable lawyers, you will find it easier to find the legal remedy for crew member sexual assaults.