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The Jones Act


crew member accident attorneys

The Jones Act permits injured seamen to seek compensation for injuries resulting from the negligence of their employers or co-workers during the course of their employment on a vessel. As a seaman you know, a ship can be a very dangerous place to work.

The Jones Act reflects that reality of maritime work, and a seaman’s employer may be liable for even a small breach of duty which contributes to a seaman’s injury. This is true, even where a seaman performs dangerous work while aware of the high risks involved in the work.

In addition to compensation for injuries caused by negligence, an injured seaman may also make a claim against the vessel’s owner on the basis that the vessel was not seaworthy. An employer may also be liable for failing to provide a seaman with adequate medical care.

crew member accident lawyers

Jones Act litigation seeks to recover damages for both past and future economic and non-economic losses.

Maintenance and Cure

When a seaman is injured on a vessel, regardless of who is at fault, the seaman has a legal right to “maintenance and cure” – benefits similar to those available through traditional “workers’ compensation” law. “Maintenance” takes the form of a daily allowance, usually about $10 to $40 per day, to cover the food and shelter the injured seaman would have received aboard the vessel had the injury not occurred.

crew member accident attorneys

“Cure” represents the employer obligation to provide an injured seaman with appropriate medical care, hospitalization, and rehabilitation services, until the injured seaman reaches maximum medical improvement. (Please note that the obligation to provide maintenance and cure ends when the seaman reaches maximum medical improvement, even if the seaman will never fully recover from his injuries, and will never be able to return to work.)

An injured seaman has an absolute right to maintenance and cure, apart from any Jones Act claim. If a seaman has a valid Jones Act claim, the seaman may be able to recover a very substantial award of damages in addition to obtaining full benefits of maintenance and cure.


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Crew Member Accident Attorneys


Crew Member Accident Attorneys

Crew member accident attorneys know that accidents can happen in the least expected of times, anywhere you are, even when you are in a cruise ship. In the past, many crew members have suffered from accidents while at work. Many are minor accidents, but there are also some that have been serious and fatal. If you happen to be one of these people, there is one thing that you should do – work with a crew member accident attorney. The lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in working with cruise ship crew members who have been involved in an accident and who need representation in order to be provided with the justice that they seek.


When to Seek for Legal Help


It is important to know exactly when you will need the assistance of a crew member accident attorney. Generally speaking, you will need their expertise when you have been involved in an accident. For instance, if you have suffered from burns, broken limbs, and head injuries, among other accidents, you can seek help from a lawyer. If the vehicle is unseaworthy and if it continued to sail, and if you have suffered from an accident as a result of such, you have another good reason to look for a lawyer who can help.


Know Your Rights


In the United States, the Jones Act is one of the most significant manifestations of the rights of seafarers or those who work in cruise ships. The act has the main purpose of providing legal help to those who have been involved in an accident while in active duty. Maintenance and cure benefits should be given to the person injured. It necessitates the compensation that will be received by the employee in case of an accident. Punitive damages can also arise, depending on the action of the management of the cruise ship that has been involved. To know more about your rights, consult with a crew member accident attorney. The latter will provide legal advice that will help you to easily get over your situation, making sure that you will be properly compensated.


Looking for the Best Crew Member Accident Attorney


The options will be almost endless, with each attorney claiming to be the best in the legal profession. Do not immediately believe what they claim or what you can see from their website. Instead, exert effort to read reviews from their past clients. Look at their credentials and experiences. Consider the cases they have handled in the past, and most importantly, their outcomes. Talk to the lawyer and see if you will have a good professional relationship. With the right choice of the crew member accident attorney, there is a higher likelihood of winning your case with flying colors.