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Crewmember & Maritime Advocacy Center and its predecessorscruise ship attorneys are serving the maritime community in the Florida region.The Admiralty and Maritime Law group handles matters related to commercial and recreational vessels, including vessel arrests and attachments, commercial disputes relating to charters, contracts, marine insurance, and claims under the Jones Act and Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Act, personal injury, maritime claims, collisions, crewmember accidents, wage disputes, sexual assaults, shipboard medical claims, passenger claims and maritime liens.







Cruise Ship Attorneys

What Are Cruise Ship Attorneys

Cruise Ship Attorneys are a special class of lawyer. But first, let’s back up. Cruise ships is fun and glamorous to be a passenger or even a crew member. The need for cruise ship attorney becomes as important as it can be due to the complexity and the complications involved in the judicial jurisdiction on cases of injury or even death of the crewman or most times passengers. Not having an experience cruise ship attorney in either of such cases make it so tedious for an average lawyer to understand the legal know how of the matter.


How Do I Find One

Before going too deep with the complexity, it’s quite important to denote what  cruise ship attorneys concisely means. A cruise ship attorney is one who understands the maritime laws to the brim and use his expertise to defend cruise ship accident (death inclusive) victim’s right and privileges in the advent of the unforeseen circumstances.


The fundamental need for a cruise ship attorney is traceable to the complexity of the maritime laws – with respect to both states and federal statutes, international treaties and agreements made by governments through the united nation is responsible for governing cruise ship liability (accidents) for death and injuries. So many factors must be thoroughly and critically examined before a case can be filed against a cruise ship owner, this is because the straightforward laws on the land requires a more technical approach when such case repeat itself at the sea.


The service of a cruise ship attorney in a maritime lawsuit requires is no child’s play. This is why it is important to get the service of a expert cruise ship attorney whose years of practical experience and thorough understanding of the law – not just at the state or federal statutes level, but into what is at tenable if such incident happens on an  international sea.


As a rational victim (perhaps family as the case may be) to seek the service of cruise ship attorneys because cruise ship business is definitely an insured one with lot of savvy lawyers at their disposal whose job is to swift into action immediately an incident (maybe accident) occurs. The lawyers are more concerned with the profitability and less (or no) liability for their employers. This is another cogent reason why the service of a cruise ship attorney cannot be overemphasized when cases of this nature arises.


Cruise ships are increasing on a daily, it is only natural that safety challenges comes up now and then. Hence, the reality of cruise ships injuries and death resulting from accidents. With a cruise ship attorney (one with proven track record of expertise and success), every individual (victim) has a better chance of filing a lawsuit (accurately) against the cruise ship in the midst of any complexity.